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If you're looking to make your content as cohesive and polished as possible to attract the right audience, without working with 12 different artists or hiring an unknown person on a sketchy freelancer site - you're in the right place! 


My Style

I create all of my illustrations/assets myself - so make sure that my style suits you! I specialize in cozy flat color illustrations with whimsical elements.

Things I am comfortable with:
  • Cozy/Home Decor

  • Space/Sci-fi

  • Forest/Whimsical

  • Cute/Kawaii

Things I won't kill it at:

  • Realism / Mech

  • NSFW (boudoir-esque is okay!)

  • Painterly/Watercolor

  • Complex animations

My Queue/Waitlist

I don't ever have "open" commissions - due to high demand I have a waitlist and queue system!


At the bottom of this page is a form to sign up for my waitlist. If your project seems like a good fit, you'll be added to my waitlist. I reach out to my waitlist whenever I have free queue slots. A contract and 50% deposit is required to book a queue slot, and I usually book out my queue for 3-4 months at a time.

Waitlist = I want to do your project
Queue = I am contractually obligated to do your project

If your project is small (under $300) or if you are willing to pay a rush fee, you can bypass the waitlist.


My Process

When hiring me, you're investing in a service rather than just the end product. This means that projects may take a bit longer - but it also means that you'll end up with graphics you love and won't need to replace in a couple months. 

My process generally looks like:

  • Creative Brief + Brand Exploration

  • Mood Boarding + Visual Direction

  • Sketches + Planning

  • Drafting + Visualizing

  • Refining + Finalization

  • Offboarding + Delivery


A large project, like a rebrand/channel overhaul can easily cost over $1000. Why should you spend that much on your graphics?

Because how you represent your content visually is as important (if not more) as any other part of your setup. And this investment won't break or become obsolete in 2 years!

You're also hiring someone who is paying themselves fairly and is dedicated to the details of your project.

Below are some common projects and how much they cost. 

Complete Rebrand

  • Logo

  • Animated Illustrations 

  • Panel Set

  • Alert Set

  • Overlays

  • Social Banners

  • Merch Design

  • Social Templates

  • Emotes

Total: $1365-1895+

Channel Overhaul

  • Animated Illustrations 

  • Panel Set

  • Alert Set

  • Overlays

  • Social Banners

Total: $590-790+

The Basics

  • Animated Illustrations 

  • Panel Set

  • Overlays

Total: $475-675+

Pricing varies based on complexity and your project may be quoted at way less or way more than the prices listed here depending on what you're asking for! I'm happy to give you a quote before placing you on the waitlist so you can get an idea of how much to budget for.

Pricing here is primarily for content creators - brands/organizations can expect a higher rate

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