Inspired by the constellations of the zodiac, your channel is sure to look elegant with this celestial kit!


Stream Graphics Kits include everything you need to polish up your channel: overlays, alerts, panels, offline screen, and animated starting/break/ending screens!


By purchasing you will automatically receive:


Overlay Elements
♥ Dark Zodiac Background
♥ 2 Cam Borders (wide, square)
♥ Stream Border

♥ 2 Long Stream Label Bars

♥ 7 Short Stream Label Bars



♥ 6 Blank Alerts for "text on top" style alerts

♥ Cheer

♥ Donation

♥ Follow

♥ Gift Sub

♥ Host

♥ Raid

♥ Resub

♥ Sub

♥ Tip


♥ 18 Panels

♥ Livilune Credit Panel

♥ If you need any additional panels, just reach out! Extra panels are included in the cost of the kit :)


Status Screens:

♥ Starting Soon (animated + static versions)

♥ Be Right Back (animated + static versions)

♥ Stream Is Ending (animated + static versions

♥ Offline


Dark Zodiac Stream Graphics Kit

  • All images (panels, overlays, alerts) will be transparent PNGs

    All animated scenes will be loopable MP4s