Love one of the graphics kits but need different colors or fonts to fit your brand? The custom graphics kit is for you! Please note that since this is a custom product it may take up to 2-3 weeks depending on my commission schedule and how quickly you can give feedback.


Customizations include:

  • Color changes
  • Font changes
  • Mixing and matching from each kit


Customizations do NOT include:

  • Design changes
  • Illustration additions
  • Animation changes


How it works:

  • After purchasing the custom graphics kit, you will receive a PDF with a link to enter your customizations
  • I will confirm with you and ask any questions before the customizations are done
  • You will receive a draft of the offline screen and one panel with your customizations that must be approved before the rest of the kit is done
  • Please allow for up to 2 weeks for the entire kit to be customized - it will likely take less time than that but since my commissions take priority, this is just to be safe!
  • Any revisions after the entire kit is customized will cost $15 each, to be invoiced once finalized

Buying a Custom Kit includes:

  • 1 minor revision (color tweaks) after the initial customization

  • All deliverable files for the chosen kit (panels, alerts, overlays, status scenes)

Immediately upon purchase, you will receive a PDF with instructions on how to get your customization done. Your initial customization will be done within 7 days after receiving your information - it will likely take less time but since my schedule can be unpredictable, this timeframe is just to be safe.

By purchasing this Custom Kit you are agreeing that:

  • Rights to use this custom kit are not transferable - you may not sell or give away your kit

  • You will not DM me on social media about work progress - any DMs about work progress will not be responded to


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Custom Graphics Kit

  • Once you submit the form with your customizations, you are no longer eligible for a refund.

    Please familiarize yourself with what this kit does and does not include as well as the timeframe in which you may receive the final product before purchasing!

  • Buying these graphics grants you usage only - not ownership. Your order grants the rights for one individual to use the included files. You do not have the right to redistribute, resell, rework, or merchandise these graphics. This includes sending the files to a friend! 

    Additionally, please do not edit any of these graphics. If you need some alterations, please contact me! 

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