Design Commission Pricing!

Here are my current prices for my most frequently requested projects! I feel comfortable with creating nearly all types of graphics - so if you don't see something here that you need, just ask!

All projects require a 50% nonrefundable deposit before confirming a spot in my queue. 



Includes merchandising rights

Logo variants


Includes merchandising rights


Identical Panels - $60

Unlimited Quantity

Varied Panels - $80

Unlimited Quantity

Full Text Panels - $120

Unlimited Quantity

Note: I do not recommend full text panels if you need to change the text of each panel regularly. I may be able to do updates after the commission is finished, but it depends on my commission schedule and will come with a cost.

There are also accessibility concerns with full text panels (ex: people who use screen readers).


Overlays: graphics that are not the primary focus of a stream scene that are used over a cam/game/etc. (or under if it's a green screen!)

For Starting Soon/Offline/Break/Ending Scenes, see Static and Animated Scenes below!

Overlay Elements - $50

Individual overlay assets, such as cam borders, chat boxes, stream label boxes. Does not include alerts.

Full Overlay - $70

Overlays that are fully designed screens (anything with a background)

A La Carte Elements - $20 each

Perfect if all you need is a cam border!

Static Scenes

Simple - $70

Text/Logo + light illustration

Complex - $120

Fully illustrated scene + text

Additional scenes: $30 for an identical scene with different text, otherwise priced as new scene

Animated Scenes

Simple - $90

Simple design, 1-2 animations

Complex - $200

Complex design (ex: an illustrated scene)

Additional scenes:

$40 for an identical scene with different text

Custom quote required for a similar scene with slight differences (ex: different times of day or different color sceme)

Complex animations (beyond stars twinkling, steam rising, text glowing, etc.) will require a custom quote


Static Alerts - $60

Identical set, unlimited quantity

Animated Alerts - $80

Per animation

Animated Alert Set - $100

Identical set, unlimited quantity

Animated Alert Variants (same alert, with slight illustration differences - like more pizza slices): $40 each


Single Banner add on - $20

One banner, based on previous artwork

Banner Set - $60

Unlimited quantity if the same but resized

Merch Design

Simple - $100

Text-based design, includes merchandising rights

Complex - $200

Fully illustrated design, includes merchandising rights