How To Set Up Text Over Image Alerts in StreamElements

Hello hello! My name is Olivia and I'm a full-time illustrator/designer/animator for content creators! A problem I've run into a couple times with clients is setting up alerts in StreamElements - specifically alerts where the alert text ("livilune has followed!") is meant to be placed on top of the alert graphic. If you've tried to set up your Text Over Image alerts in StreamElements and noticed that the text isn't working quite right - don't fret! I'm here to help! For visual reference, I will be using alerts I created for the lovely DeeAmazinggg.

Step One: Adjust Alert Size

You're going to want to upload your first alert graphic and set the size. It will be 10x easier to figure everything else out if you settle on the size of your alert first! You'll also want to finalize one alert BEFORE moving on to the rest - trust me on this! You can adjust the size of your alert here:

Here, I've gone with 400x400px, which is a pretty good size for this alert. I always design my Text Over Image alerts in a square, so if you're using alerts from me, any square dimensions will work!

Now - you may have noticed at this point that your alert text DOES NOT SHOW UP. That is okay!! The text is still there, I promise, it's just hiding. In the next step, we'll get it out of hiding!

Step Two: Adjust Alert Text Margin

After going into the settings for your alert, find the setting section titled "Text settings"

Next, click on the "Advanced" tab

On the Advanced tab, you'll notice the options for margins. The default top margin for some reason is -50px. If you aren't familiar with CSS, that means the alert text is 50 pixels above your alert. (StreamElements why)

Start by adjusting the top margin to 0, and add from there until your text is roughly where you want it. It does not have to be perfect yet because you'll want to adjust the font and font size (now that you can SEE your text) and the margin will need to be tweaked again.

170 works well here for this alert size, font, and font size (although I'd recommend making your alert text a bit smaller than this to account for longer usernames!). To find the center, you're going to want the height of your alert (in this case, 400) divided by 2 - which is why a number close to 200 works well for this alert.

Step Three: Finalize + Repeat!

Once you've got your font, font size, and margin all exactly how you want it - write down all of those things and apply to the rest of your alerts! Remember: if you want to change your alert size, font, or font size - you'll need to adjust the margin again. Et voila! Your text is not only visible, but now beautiful too! Happy streaming!


Need Beautiful Custom Alerts?

As I mentioned before, I'm a full-time stream graphics artist! If you'd like to work with me, check out my portfolio here and join my commission waitlist here!

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