Thinking about working with livi?

Here are some things you should know first:

Before You Commission...

  • Look through my portfolio to see if I’m a good fit for your project! 

  • Have a good idea of what type of design work you need before you sign a contract - additional work may require an additional queue slot.

  • My prices are for individual content creators/influencers - if you are a business or organization, please reach out directly for a quote!

  • Speaking of pricing, mine are based on what I need to make in order to live sustainably and pay taxes/business expenses. They may seem high, but that’s because artists notoriously undercharge!

General Policies

  • I require a 50% nonrefundable deposit and a signed contract before a project is booked in my queue

  • If a project is cancelled or rejected for any reason, a kill fee may be owed depending on amount of work completed. This includes ghosting!

  • I have revision limits and time limits for projects based on complexity and size of the project. There are financial penalties, but it is not typical for a project to exceed the limits.

  • I do not hand over ownership of any work commissioned. This is a common misconception with commissioning artwork - ownership, unless signed over, always resides with the artist. 

    • You will receive usage rights, which means you are allowed to use each graphic as intended. (Ex: you may not crop an Offline screen to be used as a Twitter banner without additional copyrights)

    • If you commission a logo or merch design, you will be granted merchandising rights.

    • You may NOT: resell, rework, edit, or create derivative works of any work I create.

  • In order to maintain and protect the integrity of my work, I ask that any reworks, revisions, or tweaks are done by me

commission Queue

  • In order to join my commission queue, you must first join the waitlist! I rarely have “open” commissions due to high demand.

    • If you need something ASAP, reach out directly. A rush fee will be added to your project (25-50% depending on the deadline and my current workload)

    • My commission queue only applies to individual creators - if you are a business or organization, please reach out directly!

  • The way my queue works, generally:

    • You do not get a spot in my queue without a 50% nonrefundable deposit and a signed contract

    • I book out queue slots a few months at a time (roughly 5-7 queue slots)

    • I only work on 4 projects at once and only start the next project in my queue when one current project is finished

During The Commission

  • I do NOT work over Discord/Twitter/Twitch/etc. All project related messages must be sent via email.

  • I do not work on the weekend, during evenings, or on US holidays. I also need time off! My project time estimates account for these things.

  • Please do not use any work until you have paid for the entire project and I’ve sent you the final files.

  • If you want your project done quickly:

    • Give clear and quick feedback! Don't just say that you don't like something - try to tell me why and how I can make it better.

    • Have an idea of what you want ahead of time - I always start projects by creating a mood board on Pinterest, but you don't have to wait for me to make one!

    • Be nice! I will go the extra mile for clients who are easy to work with.

  • Please be realistic about timeline expectations- an illustration won’t be done overnight. I am always working on multiple projects and running a business is more than just doing commissions all day (for example, I had to write and design this webpage!)

This is just a general overview - more policy details are outlined on my project contract. If you have any questions (especially if you’re a fellow artist working on your own policies!) please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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