Thinking about commissioning livi?

Here are some things you should know first:

Before You Commission...

  • Know that my prices are probably higher than what you usually see because this is what I do for a living. The average stream rebrand costs between $300-500+. My full pricing sheet can be found here.

  • Please look through my portfolio to see if we're a good fit! I am confident in a wide range of styles, but there are definitely things that I won't knock it out of the park on (realism, for example)

    • I illustrate everything myself - so please be sure that you like my illustration style!

    • I will not do NSFW or gore and I reserve the right to decline a commission inquiry

    • I prefer not to do projects that rely heavily on someone else's intellectual property - I cannot give you the rights to something I do not have myself

  • It helps me a ton if you:

    • know exactly what kind of graphics you need

    • have visual references for what you want (stick figure sketches welcome!!)

    • let me know if there's something in my portfolio you love! 

  • You must be a legal adult to commission me, or have permission from a guardian.

General Policies

  • By submitting a deposit and signing a contract, you are agreeing to my commission policies which are subject to change as I update them.

  • I do NOT work over Discord or Twitter. Inquiries are fine, but I will not respond to DMs about projects.

  • All projects require a nonrefundable upfront 50% deposit (as well as a signed contract) to hold a spot in my queue.

    • If you pay 100% upfront, your entire payment is nonrefundable

  • I will be slow to respond to messages prior to your queue slot time - please be patient! 

  • If a project starts to go out of scope, I will not proceed until it is addressed. If a project goes way out of scope (additional designs or animation) it may be pushed to an additional queue slot.

  • Do NOT use any in-progress or unpaid for design work. You do not have the rights to use anything until you receive the final invoice, unless you've specifically asked for and received permission otherwise.

  • If you need to cancel or postpone a project - let me know as soon as possible. Please keep in mind what is nonrefundable. If I have already sent you a first draft, a 15% kill fee will be owed.

  • If you run into some financial trouble mid-project, just let me know! You will forfeit your spot in the queue, but I will put your project on hold for up to 12 months. When you're ready to start again, your project will be rescheduled. 

  • If 12 months passes after your project is put on hold, you forfeit all work done and any payments made.

Timing & Queue

My queue tends to booked out 3-5 months in advance, so if you need something tomorrow I might not be the designer for you! You are more than welcome to check out my premade graphic kits though :) ​

  • I use a waitlist system - I reach out to my waitlist whenever I have open queue slots. I hardly ever "open" my commissions.

  • Queue is first-come, first-served. The quicker you send your deposit and sign a contract, the quicker I'll start your project!

  • Start time estimates are just that - estimates. They are NOT guaranteed. You can check on your position in queue on the Progress Trello board I've sent you.

    • ​I will be slow to respond to emails about your project until we've started

    • I will not respond to emails asking for a queue update

  • Feedback must be given in a timely manner - I am always working on multiple projects at once and rely on swift communication to keep my queue moving! If I don't hear from you within 7 days your project will be pushed back in the queue.

  • If you want your project done quickly:

    • ​Give clear and quick feedback! Don't just say that you don't like something - try to tell me why and how I can make it better.

    • Have an idea of what you want ahead of time - I always start projects by creating a mood board on Pinterest, but you don't have to wait for me to make one!

    • Be nice! I will go the extra mile for clients who are easy to work with.

    • Be mindful of what you've asked of me and have realistic expectations - a complex animation will not be done overnight

Also: I do not work on the weekend or in the evenings. I have a set schedule and I am always working on multiple projects at once, doing admin work, marketing, working with potential clients, and managing my shop. And sometimes I need a day off, too!

After The Commission

  • Make sure you understand what you do and do not have the rights for:​

    • Generally, you only have the right to use your graphics as intended.

    • With the exception of merch and logo designs, you do not have the rights to sell or use any design work commercially without a commercial license.

    • For any project, you do not have the rights to repurpose, redistribute, or revise any design work (updating text to a panel template is okay).

    • Please do not edit any finished work unless I've already given you explicit permission to do so (creating a template for social graphics, for example, or written permission). 

  • I have the rights to use your project for promotional/portfolio purposes

    • I will never post something before you have started using it

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