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sims design challenge

Every month, Livi builds a blank house on stream for everyone to decorate! At the end of the month, we go through all the houses on stream and pick a winner. Winner gets a Sims 4 Stuff Pack of their choice!

August/September's Makeover Build will be found in the Gallery using:
Hashtag #MonthlyMakeover or EA ID livilune

Any questions can be answered in Livi's Discord server (there's a specific channel for the challenge)


  • Upload your house to the Sims Gallery using the hashtag - #MonthlyMakeover

  • One upload per person! if you need to make edits, remove your first house from the gallery and reupload.

  • If your Twitch username is different from your EA ID, please add it to the description or title of your build.

  • At the end of the month we'll tour all of the houses on stream and pick a winner!

  • Deadline is up until the first tour stream starts - Tuesday, October 6th at 4pm EST

  • Tours will be broken up throughout the week as needed - expect Tuesday and Thursday to be tour streams

  • Judging is based on two scoring categories: Creativity and Aesthetic 

    • ​Creativity: does the build have a theme/story/unique purpose? Creativity points are also given for interesting usage of furniture, the technicality of the build, and humor.

    • Aesthetic: how cohesive is the build? is it well decorated? how successful is the build at portraying your theme/story? I try to be as objective as possible here!

  • Build with the highest score gets a Sims 4 Stuff Pack of their choosing! 


Do not:

  • Move, add, or remove walls

  • Add half walls (exception for fences made with the shortest 2 heights)

  • Delete interior flooring

  • Rotate, move, or scale the roof

  • Change the height of the walls

  • Change the height of the house

  • Move the house

  • Use CC (I will not be able to see it!)


  • Use any and all game packs

  • Use bb.moveobjects

  • Feel free to mix up the rooms - want all bathrooms? Go right ahead!

    • ​The build does NOT have to remain a house. It can be a library, a store, a restaurant, etc.

    • The build does not have to be livable

  • Change out doors and windows - feel free to move them around too! 

    • ​Every room must be accessible

  • Change out stairs, wallpaper, roofing, flooring, trim

  • Add or switch out fencing 

  • As much landscaping as your heart desires

  • Add a pool, or a small one room, detached shed/greenhouse

    • ​Detached shed/greenhouse cannot be larger than 5x4 or 4x5 tiles

  • Add a description to your house to give us an idea of your inspiration!

  • Put a gnome (or baby yoda) somewhere. You don't have to but....we love gnomes.

Streaming your house decorating is HIGHLY encouraged! Please feel free to use the challenge name in your stream title and tag @livilune on Twitter :D

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