frequently asked questions!

Are your commissions open?

  • Yes and no! Yes, in that you can totally reach out to me whenever if you're interested in working together - and no, in that the chances that I will be able to get started right away are next to none without a rush fee. 


  • In order to do this full time, I can't rely on spontaneous commissions and keep my queue booked for a couple months at a time - similar to a custom tattoo artist or a hairstylist (in this metaphor, my flash/walk-ins would be my graphics shop). If you'd like to work together on a custom commission, fill out my commission form right here!

Can you make me a....?

  • Yes! Well, probably! I have over 10 years of design and illustration experience so the chances are high that I've worked on what you need - or it's just a matter of finding the right dimensions and file type. For example: I can totally make business cards, YouTube intros/outros, social media graphics, animated emotes, website graphics, etc. - I just don't get asked to do them as often!

  • Style-wise, check out my portfolio to make sure that my illustration style suits your project and you'll find your answer!

What is the price for....?

  • It depends! If you send me examples/references/sketches of what you're looking for, I can probably give you a quote - or I'll have more questions so I can give you one. Some things, like panels, take a pretty consistent amount of time to complete and are easier to put a price on, but things that can vary in complexity and time required, like animations and illustrations, will be harder to give a quote on without more information.

  • I have price ranges for common projects on my commission page, and if you need more specific info - reach out here and I'll send you my Investment Guide with more details on pricing!

I need something by a certain date! Can you do it?

  • Maybe - with a rush fee. It depends on how soon the deadline is, what the work involves, and how much it would disrupt my regular work schedule. I'm just one person so it's hard for me to guarantee fast turn around times without burning out and sacrificing my quality of work - hence, the rush fee.

Once I pay for something I own it, right?

  • Wrong, actually! All of my work - commissions or shop graphics - come with usage rights, so you can use the graphic as intended for one channel/page/brand. They do NOT come with ownership or full copyright - I do not hand those things over ever! If you aren't sure about what copyrights you have, feel free to reach out - I love talking about art rights :)

  • And on the reverse side of this question, if your project requires that I work with someone else's art/design work, I will require written consent from the copyright holder/original artist.

Question not answsered here? Reach out! I'm an open book and happy to answer any questions you have!